Natalie Low


I am a junior at Brown concentrating in Marine Biology. As part of the 2011-2012 group of BISP fellows, I will be writing about my experiences studying subtidal marine communities in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador, in Summer 2011.

Stories by this author

  • Surveying subtidal rock walls
    | June 25th, 2011
    Leslie and I mark our first two weeks in the Galapagos with our return from a five-day research cruise around the central archipelago. We've been working with our faculty mentor Jon Witman, and two research divers from the marine laboratory (BIOMAR...
  • | June 14th, 2011
    Leslie and I have been on Santa Cruz island in the central Galapagos for four days now, and things are going well. We've spent the past few days settling in, doing some on-site research planning and starting to assemble and test some of the...