Thane Richard

Thane is the creator of TiffinTalk, Mumbai's first independent talk radio show. Inspired by its success, he is currently working on creating a larger network of radio in India - something that has not been allowed to flourish under the Indian government's ban on news and current events on private radio.

The project is called Dabba Radio - after Mumbai's famed dabbawallahs who seamlessly deliver hundred's of thousands of lunches across the city daily without the vast majority of them knowing how to read. Their impeccable service record has made them worthy of a six-sigma rating and a HBS case study that was done in 2008. Like the dabbawallahs, Dabba Radio aims to accurately deliver relevant discussion on everything from news and politics to art and music to Mumbai and India, what Thane calls "the NPR of India."

Thane was raised in Bozeman, Montana and earned his B.A. from Brown University in 2009. Thane led a team that bicycled from the Atlantic to the Pacific for affordable housing, tested fluid dynamics on NASA's fabled zero gravity plane, cowboyed on a ranch outside Yellowstone Park, and conducted oceanographic research on-board the SSV Corwith Cramer in the Caribbean. After traveling around India and doing a brief stint at St. Stephen's College in Delhi, Thane moved back to the subcontinent to work for the Mahindra Group. He currently resides in Mumbai.