Steven Ellis

June 2010 - I'm Steven Ellis, a 10.5’er originally from Washington, D.C. (technically Bethesda, for those of you in the know). I’m passionately ADD, so my interests range from the founding fathers to microfinance, lacrosse, Japanese animation, whiskey distillation, etc etc. My (independent) concentration here at Brown is Applied Psychology, which is a blend of behavioral theory and practical extension.

My project this summer, though, relates more to my major at the University of Southern California, which I transferred from after sophomore year. I studied film and television production at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, working mostly on narrative non fiction (e.g. competitive cooking shows, Current TV pods, documentaries) and will use that experience this summer in making a documentary in Croatia, about the EU accession process and what I see as a disenfranchising of much of the country and an increased incursion of globalization on one of the world’s most beautiful cultures. There’s much to share about this project, and myself, and I look forward to doing that via the Global Conversation over the rest of the semester and, more importantly, live from Croatia this summer.