Sara Llansa

As of this summer I will be a rising senior, concentrating in Education (History/Policy track) and International Relations (Politics, Culture, and Identity track).

I am very interested in international education development as well as the education of ELLs (English Language Learners) in the United States. Because I come from a Latin American background (my mother is Puerto Rican and my dad is Cuban), I am especially drawn to the region of Latin America, as well as South America.

My classes at Brown have shaped my research interests tremendously. I am interested in the issue of educational utility, especially in rural settings. While studying abroad in Chile I conducted an ethnography in a rural school located on an island in Southern Chile. Central questions that I want to pursue are: What is the value of education in different contexts? How can a person be educated, and yet maintain cultural ties to his/her community? In a developing country where the economy may not be able to absorb all college graduates, how does this affect individual's decisions pertaining to education?

Over the next few months I will hopefully be able to engage in some of these questions while abroad in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica.