Rie Ohta

Hi! I'm a rising junior from Yokohama, Japan, concentrating in Development Studies. This summer I am going to Mali with Prof. Michelle Bach-Coulibaly to participate in her Summer program for the Arts and conduct research surrounding issues of malnutrition. I am taking leave next semester to work for Habitat for Humanity in Dakar, Senegal. My interests include LGBTQ issues, HIV/AIDS, and, always, dance. :]


Hello again. Now, almost a year later, I'm half-a-junior, still concentrating in DS, and back in Senegal on a Swearer International Service Fellowship. I'm working with the Global Research and Advocacy Group, an organization that conducts multi-country studies on vulnerable populations and, in Senegal, works to advocate with and for them. GRAG works with MSM, FSW, OVC, drug users, and prisoners, and is especially involved with capacity building. I am working with GRAG to topen a learning center for vulnerable populations, a project which, if successful in Senegal, will be expanded to other countries in Western and Central Africa.