Rahel Dette

Three years at Brown of Political Science, Middle East Studies, conflict resolution work on Israel/Palestine, work with international students at Brown, refugee families in Providence, the Writing Fellows program and more have passed, and I cannot quite believe it. Brown feels like home now, but my real home is Berlin, Germany. 6 years ago, I first moved abroad to study at a United World College in Wales. Here, I will write about a project that everything in my life has culminated in (for now): tourism and constitutionalism in Tunisia. Unexpected? Well, what in this world isn't... Enjoy!



My first Conversation: Tunisian Times (blogposts below)

A revolution came and went. Just the tourists have not come back to a country that really needs them. But maybe the typical tourist-office booked mass tourism isn't all that desirable after all? As a tourist, researcher, and guide, I will try to define what tourism in a post-revolutionary but underappreciated country could and should look like. 

The result to be expected is an alternative tour guide booklet that combines travel information with stories about people. The interim will be many posts about what I learn and do and think. Enjoy! And if you get the chance, let me know what you think, what you would like to hear from me about, and maybe even give me challenges on where to go and what to do!