Nazli Ozerdem and Matt Block

Project Iceland: Creating a Collaborative Installation

We are couple who met at Brown. Matt '13 is a jazz musician from Philly and is concentrating in Music and History. Nazli '14 is a Brown-RISD dual degree student from Istanbul, Turkey concentrating in Art History (Brown) and Painting (RISD). (See Portfolio). We received a joint BISP Fellowship '12 to spend the summer in Iceland. We are living in Reykjavik and will be travelling to a number of remote Icelandic coastal villages. We are conducting research to be used in the development of a collaborative audio-visual installation planned for 2013. We will work with the local artists, institutions and attend cultural events in Iceland in order to better understand how diverse landscapes impact a unique arts tradition. Our conversations will document our experiences with words but more importantly with the corresponding sounds and images.