Eric Lee

My name is Eric Lee, and I am a first year medical student at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I also did my undergrad at Brown, and I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Public Policy. While I was at Brown, I developed a strong interest in global health work, and I spent most of 2009 abroad living out of my suitcase, trekking across four continents over 8 months. Bucket showers, barefoot hikes through the jungle, swimming in questionable rivers, and sleeping on the cool earth looking up at the stars of whatever hemisphere I happened to be in. Yeah, that was the life. Eventually though, I had to settle down and actually make something of myself (I forget my parents’ exact words…). Soon, I found myself in medical school and gaining the medical knowledge and skills to actually help the people I meet. Finally, after a year of medical school, I am…actually still a long way away from being able to treat and care for the sick and needy. It seems medical training is truly a marathon, and I’m still breaking in my running shoes. Check out my Conversation entitled Doctoring in the Developing World to read more about my journey and global health work in Cambodia this summer.