Claudia Norton

I am a Middle East studies concentrator with a head for languages and a heart for social justice. I, along with my research companion Raillan Brooks, will be traveling to Jordan this summer in order to learn more about community organizing in the digital age and the ways in which people are transgressing boundaries with the help of the internet.

Raillan and I developed a Departmental Independent Study Project this past semester that revolved around political engagement and the media landscapes of the Middle East. We are continuing along this avenue of thought and investigation this summer as we survey alternative communities and their use of the Internet in a social context.

One of my priorities, informed by my passion for popular education and egalitarian knowledge generation, is your participation in our project- be it in the form of commenting on posts, or opening up the conversation in different directions. Your engagement is an important part of this project, so I look forward to hearing what you have to say!