Almaz Dessie

Dr. Almaz Dessie is a scientist, activist, educator, musician, and dancer interested in holistic, multi-disciplinary approaches to wellness, healing, learning, and exploration. She graduated with honors from Brown University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Theory and Composition and went on to earn a Medical Doctorate in 2011, also at Brown University.

Almaz has written, directed, and performed in numerous musical, theatrical, and dance productions, has teaching experience in public and private schools, and has been involved in a variety of public health initiatives. Her research and work experience has included projects in Rhode Island, Philadelphia, Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia, and Israel.

As a physician-artist, Almaz's research interests include global health, refugee/immigrant health, embodied learning, and intersections of science and the arts.

She begins her residency training in Pediatrics at Children's Hospital Oakland in California in June 2011.