The United States in Afghanistan: Choices Institute 2011

Coverage of the Choices Teacher Leadership Institute, taking place from July 11 to 15, 2011. The Institute will feature presentations from experts on Afghan history, culture, and politics.

  • Jack Reed
    Ryan Lester | July 29th, 2011
    The Choices Institute ended with a U.S. perspective on the war in Afghanistan. Jack Reed, a U.S. senator from Rhode Island and member of the Committee on Armed Services, spoke to the teachers about the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and the...
  • Jennifer Fluri
    Ryan Lester | July 25th, 2011
    Like Benjamin Hopkins, Jennifer Fluri, Assistant Professor of Geography and Women's & Gender Studies at Dartmouth University, spent most of her presentation to the Choices Institute busting myths about Afghanistan. Fluri, however, focused on...
  • Benjamin Hopkins
    Ryan Lester | July 18th, 2011
    Media coverage following the United States' occupation of Afghanistan has brought along with it a number of misconceptions about the country being occupied. They are a "tribal society," a "failed state," an "artificial colonial creation" and a "land...