A Global View of the Grassroot

This conversation follows Katie Gannett through her second year with Grassroot Soccer (GRS), an HIV prevention organization using the language of soccer to deliver life skills primarily in sub-Saharan Africa.  After completing a year as an intern based in Soweto, Katie began working in August 2012 as a Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator based at Grassroot Soccer's headquarters in Cape Town.  As a new member of the global team, she is excited to use the perspective she gained at a site level in Soweto to contribute more broadly towards GRS' research and evaluation processes, coordinating M&E processes across affiliates (South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) and 13 partner organizations around the world.


Cape Town
South Africa
  • Katie Gannett | September 10th, 2012
    I arrived back in the States at the end of July, having completed an incredible year as an intern in Soweto with Grassroot Soccer.  I absolutely loved the experience—the programs and coaches, energizers and snaps, beauty and vibrancy, friends...