Crowdsourcing the Revolution: Social Media and the Middle East

This conversation developed out of a departmental independent study project, a collaboration between Claudia Norton '13 and Raillan Brooks '13. The project was initially intended to serve as the academic scaffolding for a project to be done over the summer in the Middle East. As time went on, it was decided to open the floor to discussion. The project itself focuses on interrogating the complex interface of social media and social transformation within the context of the recent uprisings across the Middle East. It made sense to open up the discussion to the public, because the very nature of the project demanded a kind of rigorous dialectic approach that two people in a dark room in the Sciences Library could not take on their own. It was decided to "crowdsource" the study project. Namely, the aim of this conversation is to see where the discussion regarding social media in the Middle East can go with the help of a community with broad and rich contributions to make.