BIARI 2011



Welcome to the blog for BIARI 2011!

The Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) brings together leading scholars — about 200 scholars from over 55 countries —  at Brown University over two weeks to "addresses the canonical and cutting-edge questions" of their fields, and " contribute to building the next generation of transnational academic community." The four institutes for BIARI are:

Dominic Mhiripiri '12 and Ryan Lester '12 will cover BIARI on behalf of the Watson Institute and their updates will be posted on this blog. You can also check the blog for last year's BIARI 2010 here.

  • Watch this video
    Ryan Lester | October 7th, 2011
    In today's conversation, Armando Sanchez talks about the relationship between researchers and policy makers. Watch above!
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    Watch this video
    Watch this video
    Keith Brown | September 23rd, 2011
    Over the past 3 years, the Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI), a collaboration between Brown University and Santander Universities overseen by Brown's Office of International Affairs,  have hosted participants and...
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    Ryan Lester | September 23rd, 2011
    In today's conversation, Surafel Abebe points out the shared links and challenges faced by all researchers in the Humanities. Watch above!
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    Ryan Lester | August 31st, 2011
    In today's conversation, Yueping Xu discusses the potential impacts of climate change on current resource allocation and infrastructure practices. Watch above!
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    Ryan Lester | August 24th, 2011
    In today's conversation, Shimelis Setegn talks about the future of development and good governance. Watch the clip above!
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    Ryan Lester | August 17th, 2011
    In today's conversation, Khalid Siddig talks about the interdisciplinary nature of BIARI. Watch the clip above!
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    Ryan Lester | August 15th, 2011
    This year at BIARI, Dominic Mhiripiri and I had the chance to talk to a number of BIARI participants about their research, their time at BIARI, and their thoughts on global politics. In the process, we leanred about topics ranging from hydralogiy to...
  • Dominic Mhiripiri | June 21st, 2011
    ... re-living some BIARI moments as captured in and words and images ...       "The most powerful corporation in the world is Walmart, and Walmart doesn't produce anything; its organizational capacity keeps prices and wages low...
  • Chinua Achebe
    The Editors | June 16th, 2011
      “This is your task.”  Last evening, African literary lion Chinua Achebe challenged BIARI 2011 participants to succeed where leaders in Africa and the international community have so far failed to improve the continent’s prospects. Achebe...
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    The Editors | June 5th, 2011
      Participants in last year's BIARI conference at Brown spoke with Global Conversation about their areas of research were they work; they all participated in two of BIARI's institutes: Development and Inequality in the Global South, and the...