Adventures in Heritage Preservation - Hong Kong/Providence Program

This is to document my experience in the Joint Brown/CUHK Comparative Heritage Preservation summer course. The first 4 weeks are spent in HK attending classes through the Chinese University of HK, a week is spent in Beijing, China, and the final 4 weeks are spent in New England (Providence, other parts of Rhode Island, Boston, NYC).

There are 4 Brown students and 7 CUHK students total.


Hong Kong
Providence, RI
United States
  • Josette Souza | June 18th, 2011
      About this picture: The picture and title of this post refers to the kind of tree in the photo. These trees are growing through walls made of stone and cement. Our professor, Tracey Lu, told us that Hong Kong people regard this kind of tree...
  • Hong Kong, heritage preservation, anthropology, sociology, american studies
    Josette Souza | June 8th, 2011
    I took this picture my first few hours in HK. It was a beautiful and, for me personally, telling example of what was to come after. :)   Good morning! It's the second day of my program here in HK and I'm already loving it here. As I stated in...