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The academic community at Brown University is urgently engaged in the search for solutions to pressing global problems. The Global Conversation emphasizes a belief in both students’ innovative approaches to problem solving and the power of new media to further positive economic and social change internationally.

Financial support for Brown student and faculty activity can be instrumental in strengthening the University’s mission to “serve the world by discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry” by applying 21st century technologies to the world’s most urgent problems.

Such support can also position Brown to go to scale and become a resource for other universities, both national and international, with an expanded pool of creative, entrepreneurial students who have much to contribute to the dialogue on global issues.

We are encouraging supporters to join with us in advancing Brown University as a nexus for critical, productive consideration of some of the world’s biggest challenges.

For more information please contact Catherine Nellis at 401.863.9262 or at to discuss ways you can participate.