Take Away - Grupo 3

Allan Macedo

Camila Bivar

Eugenia Manzanares

Jimena Olascoaga

João Silva

Karla Castillo                                                 

Kevin Acosta

Mauricio Figueroa

Omar Seguel

Roxana Cahuana


Ricardo Lagos keynote address


One of the main questions that we need to ask ourselves as current and future public servants is why public service is so important to society. Otherwise we would be working in an automatic, erratic manner and we would not allow ourselves to, eventually, rethink how politics and the public sector must run.

There are some other critical issues we must assess if we believe that a solid conceptual basis is required to create and execute relevant public policies. How can we, as public servants, listen citizens’ needs? Which kind of public policies are we going to implement? What is the main issue to be resolved in our communities? What kind of political institutions will emerge that could change the way public policies work? Is there anything at our reach to protect the community we may lead?

According to former president Lagos, the Rule of Law is at the core of such an issue. First, we have to analyze whether public policies consider citizens as to be equal in social and civil rights, or merely as consumers within the market system. He said that we cannot make public policies according to market dynamics only and understanding people as consumers, because when we look at the incomes there are lots of inequalities amongst the nation and theses inequalities would be recreated in social and political concerns as well.

Another important issue is that when we consider “democratic development”  we have to take into account more than GDP or GDP per capita, but the inequality throughout society, for example thinking of GINI index. Some countries can have more gross income than others but it cannot be considered without analyzing growth distribution. All in All, understanding uneven distribution is central to face the new paradigms and great questions of our society.

One of the questions that the former president has made us think about is how the political framework is going to change and which institutions are going to change or arise in order to make it possible a world more globalized and democratic. In addition to that, how political participation will evolve so that citizens can influence the government more that only in the pools.


Leadership training keynotes


There are many types of leadership, with different characteristics and abilities. Each of these types of leaders are important when forming a group.  It is important to have flexibility in the kind of leadership that you have. It is also a core issue to listen to the group and take into account their different points of views.

According to Robin Rose, to be a great leader it is fundamental to know yourself and what kind of person you are. Finally, it is important to maintain balance between the different types of leadership in times of crisis