New Zealand Schools!

Hello from Wellington, NZ where I've just finished my fourth school visit!  So far I've sat in on more than twenty clasess, which means I already have lots of data to work with.  All the faculty have been immensely welcoming, more so than I could have ever hoped for.  It's such fun to learn how they explain concepts, collaborate between schools and evaluate their students.  Although different from the US, they have an exciting assessment program, which has been in the midst of changing over the last three years.  This means that the country as well as individual teachers are really focused on how they can prepare their students better and how well their exams actually assess students' understanding.  These changes make for an extra interesting time to visit - I'm learning so much!  Many of my hypotheses have been largely confirmed but some have been proved exactly wrong, which is all the more intriguing.  I still have a whole bunch more schools to visit and continue to enjoy hearing teachers' experiences at each institution!