National Government Eliminates Subway Funding

The national Argentine government, under President Christina Fernando de Kirchner, confirmed the elimination of all funding for the Buenos Aires subway. The confirmation is in accordance with the deal signed with Mauricio Macri, the city's mayor, in January. It is part of the transfer of the subte from the national to city hands, in accordance with recommendations from the International Monetary Fund.

In 2012, the federal government cut its funding in half, with the planned withdrawal of all funding in 2013. The city governemnt has since renegged on its contract and is taking control of the usbte, leaving the vital form of transit without funding.

The subte has experienced turmoil for some time, but especially this year since the announced transfer and subsequent refusal by Macri to take control. Services ahve been cut and prices have more than doubled, all while construction is halted. The workers went on a 10 day strike this August demanding cost-of-living increases and investment into unsafe machinery.

The political strife between Macri and Kirchner has been disastrous and will be even more, if a resolution is not found. The subte suffered a 30% drop in ridership after the fare increases, representing the harsh reality of the fare increases on the lives of the poor in this increasingly stratified country.

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