Transitioning to the Global GRS Team

I arrived back in the States at the end of July, having completed an incredible year as an intern in Soweto with Grassroot Soccer.  I absolutely loved the experience—the programs and coaches, energizers and snaps, beauty and vibrancy, friends and braais, ups and downs…it was unforgettable.  One of the major highlights was a visit from my family in May, which gave me a chance to share the wonders of Soweto and South Africa as a whole.  During the visit, we went to Grassroot Soccer’s Headquarters, located off Long Street in Cape Town.  Little did we know at the time that I would soon be returning to HQ—for another year with Grassroot Soccer!

I’m very excited to have started my new position with GRS as a Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, based in Cape Town. My focus will be on coordinating M&E processes across our affiliates (South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) as well as with our partners in 13 different countries around the world.  In addition, my responsibilities will center on increasing communication and learning around our current GRS research, acting as a liaison with external research advisors, planning and overseeing GRS evaluations, and considering the “big picture”—ex: keeping up with current HIV research, updating GRS’ top 10 research priorities, and working on a GRS M&E Strategy Framework.

Our global M&E (monitoring and evaluation) team at Grassroot Soccer is named K2, since it is made up of not one but 2 Katies!  Katie Morton (Kmo for short) is our new global M&E intern with whom I’ll be working closely throughout the year.

Kmo and KG are pictured above!  We sent this photo to the entire Grassroot Soccer team introducing ourselves and have already gotten some terrific feedback.  One of our co-founders suggested that we put tape around our glasses in the next photo.  We’re excited to get everyone else excited about monitoring and evaluation!