Hey there, Potential Future Life Plan

The longer I’m at this organization, the more revelations I’m having about my career in international development. Or the more I’m able to envision possible paths I could take, and see how they fit in with my morals & ethics about development work. Like, for example, I can totally totally see myself doing Peace Corps, then working for some development organization in the US, then getting my masters, then maybe doing a Fullbright, then at the ripe age of 30, start to think about settling down and getting a job with a larger NGO in one of the countries I’ve previously worked.

Just an idea.

Also, working with GRAG has made the idea of working in the fields of vulnerable populations, gender issues, reproductive rights, and sex and sexuality more feasible. I’d previously eschewed the idea, thinking, ‘it’s hard enough figuring out political, social and personal issues surrounding sex, sexuality, and reproduction in the US context, trying to work on it in a developing country would be impossible!’ But it’s totally possible. People are tackling these topics every day, all the time. Yeah, it’s a crazy field and my Brown experience with FemSex, MSex, and SHAPE have definitely given me a liberal American perspective on such matters, which could lead to my perpetuating western imperialistic yada yada, but hey. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. So I can’t start worrying about my imperialistic ideas yet, I haven’t done anything!

It’s just an idea at this stage, right?