The Process: Drafts in Storytelling

I thought I would share a couple of my attempts to start to put the material I had gathered over break together.

The cover photograph is a collage, a technique I used to storyboard, I found it easier to get to know the material when I was physically touching it and cutting it up and re-contextualizing it. 

The first video, Storytelling #1, is a montage of still photographs. The narrator is a family friend of ours who grew up and went to highschool with my mom and her siblings. 

The second video, Storytelling #2, is a four-way split screen. The first screen is footage of the packers packing up the house in the winter of 2012, the second screen is the montage of photographs from the first video, the third screen is one of the most "important" hallways of the house, and the last screen we follow my grandmother as she walks and talks about her memories. The audio is the same as the first one as in the same story and narrator.


The videos are password protected and the password for both is: villahazem


I see these 1-minute videos as first drafts or experimentations, each is effective in its own way and distracting in others. I thought I would foreground the process just incase some of this material doesn't make it into the final film.  Any feedback would be much appreciated.