Botín Scholars: How They Would Change their World

A second cohort of Botín Scholars came to Brown University last October. They came, they saw, they networked – they developed their political aspirations even further. And they blogged about their thoughts and experiences – their "takeaways" – on the Global Conversation.

Who are the Botín Scholars?

One way to get to know them is the above video, in which each shares a different problem or opportunity needing to be addressed to advance Latin America's economy, politics, or society. ("The biggest problem in Brazil is lack of education, and with lack of education inequality grows." ... "I think that our biggest problem is unemployment." ... "the relationship between the absence of education and violence." ... "I think Mexican people lack a national dream. They have lost hope in a better Mexico." ... "the poor wealth distribution we have" ... "an internal war for about 50 years."

Another is to check out their group blogs and videos: Botín Scholars IBotín Scholars IIBotín Scholars IIIBotín Scholars IV.

These top students from Latin America were engaged in a multi-week program to strengthen their vocation for public service, under a program designed by the Fondación Marcelino Botín in collaboration with the University.

The program at the Watson Institute included a lecture by former Argentine Economics Minister Domingo Cavallo, team-building exercises, and talks by Institute faculty members on such subjects as democracy and globalization. The students then spent several weeks in Europe, engaging in sessions with academics and policymakers.

Going forward, the Botín Scholars are being organized into a network to continue to develop their public leadership knowledge and skills.

Wish them well!