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Illicit Globalization: The arising of international crime organizations has never been a new topic. What's new is the modern criminalization of drug traffic and the actual perceptions of immigration. The collateral damage of criminal activity traduces in corruption or violence, that affects the stability of states. Actual international criminality in Latin America share similar conditions and consequences. Thus, the solution must come from international collaboration and by policies that take into account the experience of events occurred in different countries.

Corruption: Why does the corruption exist in our countries? There are many factors, including one particularly interesting, the culture. There is a trap of corruption that makes very difficult to countries to set a higher level of welfare If someone behaves in the appropriate way,  he feels as if the other are getting an advantage over him.

Public Policies: the public policies have a really interesting structure, so the promotion of policy includes a complete study of the target group to which it is meant to be implemented, including their interests and respecting their own culture. For this reason, we should consider all the points of view, adhering the academic knowledge to politician considerations.