World Wide Scarves

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“Latin America can work as a network, that is the challenge we have to take.”

Today, despite being tired, working until late to achieve a consensus around just three out of hundreds of takeaways, we realized that our assumptions must address in order to consolidate network; therefore we are excited to share our reflections in the global conversation from our very first day in the second edition in the Botín Scholarship for the Strengthening of Public Service in Latin America in the video we are posting in this conversation.

Our team is composed of:

-Josefina Gutierrez (Argentina)

-Catalina Roa Beut (Colombia)

-Federica Vons (Argentina)

-Lorena Ribeiro (Brasil)

-Jose Luis Gil Marroquín (México)

-Juan José Salcedo (Ecuador)

-Juan José Romano Blanco (Argentina)

-Digno Montalván (Ecuador)

-Leonardo Correira (Brasil)

-Alejandro Tobar Restrepo (Colombia).