Final Thoughts from Peru

Sorry for the long gap between posts! I have returned to the US and am currently making preparations for a semester abroad in Brazil – something I’ll be sure to write about here on the Global Conversation!

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about my experiences in Peru. Although it’s nice to be back among friends and family, I miss the excitement of figuring everything out for myself. I certainly can’t believe how nervous I was three months ago! The summer went about a thousand times better than I had ever imagined. I already miss Peru—from the street carts selling 40-cent fresh-squeezed orange juice to the constant parades. It was one long adventure – one that I hope I’ve captured for you here.

I also learned a lot about climate change and what it means. For me, the biggest takeaway was this: the effects of climate change are ultimately impossible to separate from the effects of environmental degradation more generally. Water pollution, for instance, is all the more problematic when water has become scarce as a result of climate change. Similarly, floods and landslides are even more destructive in the absence of healthy forests and wetlands. Traditional environmental conservation is thus a key part of adaptation.

The other takeaway was this: as dire as the situation seems, the world is full of people trying to do good things. Sometimes their impact is small, or hard to measure. But there’s no reason to give up hope just yet.