The politicians are... animals?



Imposing images of Thai politicians seem to line every street in Thailand. From the traffic packed thoroughfares and alleyways of Bangkok to the rural roads winding through vast stretches of rice paddies in the countryside, campaign posters for the upcoming election on July 3rd are certainly hard to miss.


The fervor with which these political parties’ campaigns have been publicized reflects deeper political tensions that have plagued Thai politics for the past few years.




In Thailand, voting is compulsory.  But, for voters who find themselves disillusioned with both parties, there is a “no” option on the electoral ballot.


The People’s Alliance for Democracy, commonly referred to as the yellow shirts, are urging voters to reject politics altogether.  The “Vote No” campaign is their response to what they consider to be widespread corruption in Thai politics.  

Posters for the campaign feature politicians with animal heads. 

 Because all the politicians are “wild beasts”, voting is pointless. 






What kind of impact will this campaign have on the election’s outcome on Sunday?  




....Guess we will just have to wait and see....