In the Fall: Screening of Film Made in Nicaragua

After four weeks in Nicaragua this past winter and many months in the editing process, I have finally completed a 16-minute film.

I spent my trip traveling between two communities - San Juan Del Sur and Balg├╝e.  I followed a number of people in their daily lives and conducted interviews about their experience of various elements of globalization.  I spoke with farmers, fisherman, workers at and owners of restaurants and hotels, government officials, street vendors, shopkeepers, doctors, as well as internationals on vacation, backpacking, and volunteering.

While editing the footage, I decided that rather than put together a film that was based on a theme (e.g. changes in Nicaragua, economic globalization), I would focus on sharing one particular story.  I chose to make a film about one hotel in San Juan Del Sur called Park Avenue Villas, where I got to know the workers, the owners, as well as those staying there.  The film by no means expresses all the voices I heard during the filming process, but rather presents one phenomenon on earth from the viewpoints of those involved.

In the fall, I plan to screen the film at Brown.

Now, I am off to Bolivia with Madelynn Johnston for a summer AT&T New Media fellowship to make another film.  If you'd like to follow our progress, we will be posting on the Global Conversation; our conversation is called "Soybean Farming in Santa Cruz, Bolivia."