Pap Coul - Malian Child Rapper

After many months of editing and mixing (and graduating), Papi Coulibaly's music video is complete!

This music video not only represents the extraordinary talent of a young musician from Djoumanzana, Mali, but it is the culmination of a community's generosity in supporting myself and Papi in one of several youth engagement projects over the summer. We conceived and shot the entire video at the Yeredon Center for the Arts, the Djoumanzana Children's Center, and on the streets of Djoumanzana- seeing the film brings back so many incredible memories of working with the youth in the community who were skeptical of the project at first, but eventually grew excited and motivated to work for hours brainstorming, shooting scenes, choreographing dances, and picking the best cuts of footage for the final product. In the end, this project was an amazing journey in bringing hip hop, youth, music, dance, and community into conversation and I can't wait not only to return to Mali someday and work with Papi and the youth at the Djoumanzana Center, but to continue this type of work in the U.S. and elsewhere.

I wish I could be there this summer when they see the film and hear that my friends, peers, and colleagues in the U.S. enjoyed the video so much that they put it on their ipods!!!