Voices of Hong Kong: The Future of China

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The video is in English, but Chinese traditional subtitles are available by clicking on "CC" on the bottom right corner.

After two and half weeks of work, the video’s finally ready for the web! It’s really been great, getting the chance to meet all these wonderful people that we interviewed who are of course some of the most prominent individuals in Hong Kong politics today who took time out of their extremely busy schedules to meet with us and let us pick their minds. This certainly made the first week and half of my summer back in Hong Kong extremely productive.

This video really would not have been possible without the great work that Enoch, Nick and Stephen did in interviewing Alan Leong, Jasper Tsang and Ma Ngok. I came back to Hong Kong to find the project already half done. I remember going over the interview footages that I got from Nick last Monday, amazed at the quality of work that they produced. Last Wednesday, due to a miracle in scheduling interviews, I spent the entire day out in Central going around the offices of Long Hair, Audrey Eu and Emily Lau, lugging a heavy tripod and camera around in the hot Hong Kong summer weather.

A theme that was echoed by basically all of the respondents was the uniqueness of Hong Kong and its special role in being a place within China, gifted with the rule of law and civil liberties, that could potentially be the driving force for the democratization of the country. This is in line with what the recently released annual June 4th University of Hong Kong public opinion poll had to say, as 75% of respondents believed that “HK people have a responsibility to instigate the development of democracy in China”.

After many hours of transcribing interviews (over 10,000 words recorded) and editing (I can pretty much memorize word through word what everyone has to say  in it now), here it is, the “Voices of Hong Kong: Future of China” video.

I’ll also be interviewing someone else in late June on the same topic. So keep a look out on that. I’m really excited about that interview.

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