Blog on GC from your e-mail


Are you hiking, filming geography and nature, meeting local residents in a remote place, or any other kind of fieldwork abroad, then blogging about it on Global Conversation? If you are, then you will find our new application to blog easily from your e-mail very useful.

This feature allows you to "capture the moment" through your email (sometimes you have only email access through a mobile device, for instance) and blog about it in real time. Once you do so, you can always return to your post(s) made this way to add any more information, images, videos and anything else if necessary.

By simply sending an email from the email address you used to create your Global Conversation account, your story will be posted under your name on the website. Here is the quick guide to using this new feature.


1. You don't absolutely have to be abroad or in doing fieldwork — anywhere you need to blog but are restricted to just e-mail access

2. Open your GC-registered email account and create new message

3. Address the e-mail to in the "to" field

4. Use the "Subject" box to post the title of the blog post you are creating. For instance, where one would normally put "Homework 2" as the subject of an email submitting an assignment to a professor, they will put something like "First game in Nairobi" if they're attending and blogging about a soccer match in Kenya, etc..

5. Put the text of your blog in the body of the e-mail. You may want to remove "signatures" and other unnecessary text from the email because these will also be included in the post (It will take about three minutes before the post is made on GC, so don't worry if you do not see it immediately)




- your post will not be tagged under any particular "conversation" or "blog" on the website

- you will not be able to add images into the body of the text

- HTML tags are not recognized, so you will have to manually space the paragraphs and other basic formatting the way you want this tentative post to appear on the website

* the things above — adding images, tagging posts under blogs and any other formatting — are what you will focus on when you return to your posts later to polish them the way you would when blogging without constraints.

Remember the e-mail: