Follow the Things Showcase: One Laptop Per Child

Hi all, after a bit of an absence I'm returning with what I'm calling the 'Follow the Things Showcase'. I'll be linking to the Follow the Things site with student projects from Brown and the University of Exeter that I think exemplify what we're trying to do here, illustrating the many connections that emerge from everyday things.

I'm starting with a group project from Fall 2009, written by Sabrina Skau, Juliana Friend, Jenna Harris and Sarah Cocuzzo. This article looks at the XO laptop, the computer at the heart of the One Laptop Per Child Project, which seeks to provide children with low cost and internet-ready computers. Through following the XO, the group finds ties to Bolivia (minerals), Taiwan (electronic components), China (assembly), and Senegal (final destination). Take a look here and keep an eye out for additional projects in the coming weeks!