After Mubarak

Professor Melani Cammett

While there is much joy on the streets of Cairo, the future of Egypt remains uncertain. After Mubarak's resignation, this video of Professor Melani Cammett seems particularly relevant.

This video is part of a lesson designed for use in high school classrooms. After Mubarak, is the second in a series of activities on the recent events in Egypt. It helps students consider the implications of a leadership change in Egypt on the protests for democracy throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The first lesson, Egypt’s Uprising, provides students with fundamental information about the causes of the uprising, the role of new media, and the U.S response.

The materials are designed to help students:

  • Explore the possible effects of Mubarak leaving office.
  • Identify the connection between the demonstrations in Egypt and other protests in the region.
  • Consider the potential effects of the protests on democracy and stability in the Middle East.

In another video in which she considers tensions between democracy and stability, Cammett talks about “productive instability.” What does she mean by "productive instability"? What would a period of productive instability look like for Egypt?