Footage done - departing now!

Hey everybody,

We are officially done with primary footage!  looks like, by our crude estimates, we have well over 50 hours of video footage--and we're creeping up on 100!  Spent two days in Nairobi finishing off select shots as well as gathering old footage from a variety of contacts we have picked up.

In retrospect, we have around 5 compelling stories about runners, as well as a comprehensive look at one of the poorer training camps in rural Kenya.  Along with this video coverage we plan to add up to 25 hours of footage state-side in order to make a complete, striking, and entertaining finished product.  We realize that we are going to have to more than double the hours we've spent in editing time, but right now we're ready to take a deep breath. 

Stay tuned for many more blog entries once we have fast internet service.  we will try to write an entry on each week, complete with clips that we took during that week.  We are very sorry these cannot be in real time, but hope you enjoy anyways!


Jordan & Gabriela