Enter the Matrix

Choices Edition Global Security Matrix

Steve Hamburg’s video on climate change is one of 84 videos produced by the Choices Education Program that are included in a new edition of the Global Security Matrix. This new edition is for secondary school classrooms. Watson’s James Der Derian and his team built the original matrix, but aimed it at an audience already well versed in the complexities of security and its discourses.

We set out to adapt James’s cutting edge work for use in high school classrooms.

In addition to video, the matrix uses text and images to help students explore a range of threats as they play out across the layers of the international system.

The matrix is designed to help students:

  • Explore the concept of security.
  • Consider threats to security and how they affect a range of actors from individuals to global society.
  • Identify and assess media sources’ coverage of security.
  • Rank threats to security and explore how these threats might be addressed.

It was truly a massive project. (Many thanks to James for his continuous support and encouragement.) Here are a few numbers related to the matrix. 

8. The matrix identifies and defines eight different broad threats to security.

5. It identifies and defines five different actors and their relationship to international security.

40. It explains in 40 different boxes the effect of each threat on each of the five actors.

125. It contains 125 annotated weblinks to external resources that allow for further exploration the issues raised in the 40 different boxes.

95. It has 95 images with detailed captions that help explain and shed light on the different security threats in the boxes.

92. It has 92 short video clips of scholars that help students understand and think further about the security issues raised in the boxes. 84 of the videos were produced by Choices.

The matrix poses some challenging questions: What makes us safe? What threatens us? What do we mean we by “us”?

Enter the matrix and explore.