True Leaders in Democracy

In democratic movements, one might say it's easy to find the leaders, just look who's talking loud or see whose face is everywhere. But this assumption might be as wrong as superficial. To find true leadership it is necessary to search for those who keep the democratic process moving. One might not be recognized at the streets and still be essential.


Democracy is not just about elections or rights or freedom. It means much more, its true goal is to find the legitimate process, recognized by all participants as just. Sometimes a country can experience a period of great prosperity without being democratic. It's the old “growing the cake to, after, share its pieces”. But is it democratic? Is it just?


Justice comes from the process of decision making, its main goal is to build a non-excluding hierarchy that will enable authority and legitimacy. That are other important characteristics as freedom of speech and frequent elections, but those are only instruments to avoid exclusion of the decision making process.


So every democracy is sustained not by one voice, but by the entire choir. The most important aren't the ones that stand out as impressive or the dissidents ones, but the maestro that keeps things on track.That is why the true democratic leader isn't the one shouting out loud, but, who realizes it all as it is, a process with different phases, and who acts according to the necessity of the time to build democracy.