First day: Public Service, Illicit Trade and Security & Media.

First day at Watson Institute...

Here you check our takeaways....

Mr. Ricardo Lagos

·         That solution to similar problems is different depending for the situation and the region.

·         The public servant has to be creative to find solutions, in cooperation with countries with shares values.

·         A truly public servant should speak for the people who have no voice, taking into account their dignity.

Mr. Peter Andreas

ü  Even drug dealing is the biggest illicit trade, it is not the only one.

ü  Since many years ago some people who participated at illicit trade managed have been socially accepted because they return part of their profits to the public or politic organizations. As the case of the Brown brothers here in Rhode Island.

ü  Nowadays we have the example of the narco traffics in Mexico that even if they are in an illegal trade they contribute a lot to the society and with that managed to be socially accepted and admired by our kids.

ü  The media has a big responsibility in transmitting what really happen in the illicit trade.

Mr. James Der Derian

-There are different ways to see world structure ( unipolarity, bipolarity, multipolarity) but nowadays we live in a world of Heteropolarity, with “ complex networks of diverse asymmetrical actor”.

-About security there is a dilemma, “what makes me feel safe, makes you feel unsafe”.  However there is a principle that relates security with two human rights: to be safe you have to be free of fear and free of want.

- The media has a very important power and it should be managed with ethic principles.

 that´s for today..... see you soon....