Wrap Up - First Day at Watson Institute

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Nowadays in Latin America we need to increase the number of leaders. But that’s not enough, we also have a lack of quality in leadership and in institutions. In one hand we have a type of leadership associated with the so called “personalismo”. On the other hand, we have to develop a different kind of leadership based in the society needs.      

To  satisfy these needs we have to build solid public institutions which respond to the citizens demands, such as environmental issues, security affairs ,new technology  questions and global problems such as migration and financing.

One of these issues, illicit trade, has direct and indirect effects on the democratic governance by affecting the quality of political institutions, improving drug-related violence and undermining public security, factors which strikes down citizens trust in democracy

To sum up, as President Ricardo Lagos says, “by public service you can give back to your country even more than what the public service gave you”.

For more information about Latin American Contemporary Issues watch the  Video. (This Video has been publish by youtube user UCBerckleyEvents in 2007)